Expected Apple announcement surfaces 

Does no-one care about Apple anymore?

Today Apple announced upgrades to a number of desktop products including a new Mac Pro and Mac Mini:

The new version of Apple’s Mac Mini, which failed to appear two months ago at the Macworld expo, emerged today, and while it’s billed as “faster” and “greener,” the Mini remains a small desktop computer with the soul of a laptop.

Apple has also upgraded the MacPro tower and the iMac line, which now offers a 24-inch display at the same price, $1,499 as the older 20-inch model. (The 20-inch remains, and now costs $1,1199.)

– New York Times

t-macHowever, the New York Times was the first major news site where I could find this story. Nothing on BBC, Sky News or The Guardian (in the UK). Fine, I appreciate that it is the same day but I’m not sure if they will report the news at all.

I suppose the fact is, that most people won’t appreciate news of new Apple desktop products. I bet if you surveyed everyday people about the products Apple make, they would simply say iPod and iPhone. Do ordinary people even know about what Apple does best?

In any case, Apple product releases are always cool for me and the rest of the tech community. I use Mac Pros on almost a daily basis and want to buy a Mac Mini in the future, so yes, it’s cooler than an upgrade to the iPhone to me.

Apple has also lowered the price of the 24″ iMac. Still rather expensive, Innit.